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Im an avid reader who swore I would only read physical books. A few years ago, I began listening to audibles and now I'm a total addict. Every night, I turn off the TV, put my ear buds in, and listen to at least one hour of Audibles before bedtime. (classics, history, contemporary...it doesn't matter)

I sometimes actually look for excuses to drive an hour to Walmart for some late evening shopping (a chore i normally loathe) just so I can spend some alone time with my Audibles. My wife must think I'm having an affair. I do love my Audibles:)

Also, Pride and Prejudice is absolutely my favorite book, and Jane Austen is my favorite author. Her writing is such a great escape for me. My fellow workers used to rib me, telling me I am no doubt the world's only bridge painting Jane Austen fan.

I love your stories, Tiffany.

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Once you start with Audibles, there is no turning back. :)

How wonderful that Pride and Prejudice is your favorite book! Jane Austen's writing is just magical. I love her humor which often gets missed. What's your next favorite title by Austen?

Also, favorite Audible recommendation??

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I love all 6 Austen books, but I guess my next favorite would be both Emma and Sense and Sensibility - they are all classics for a reason.

Hmmm...Audibles recommendations are tough as I have so many books in my library. I like good narrators.

Ethan Fromme is nicely read.

Audibles version of Bram Stroker's Dracula is wonderfully done, and for history buffs i highly recommend Mary Beard's SPQR.

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Sense and Sensibility is probably my next favorite. But, I agree, they are all wonderful.

Oh, I loved the Audible Dracula. It was more like a radio drama really. Probably one of my favorite audiobook listens to date. I'll check out Mary Beard. Thanks for the recommendation!

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FYI - SPQR is definitely for history buffs, Ancient Rome buffs...but if that's something you enjoy, this book is great.

Two other books I loved on Audibles was "The Goldfinch", and "Migrations"...both are excellent!

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Maybe I will give it a try...I am very reluctant.😄 Reading is the best in any form!❤

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