Thanks Bob! You bring up great points. Predictability is definitely something I’ve noticed, too. But I agree, It’s hard to know the way forward. Thanks for chiming in!

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So agree with you, Tiffany- though I’ve never been able to put my finger on these issues. It’s such a fine line to walk and I’m sympathetic with the pressures Christian creators must feel!

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Your take on this subject is superb, Tiffany. I enjoy Christian movies and literature, but as I'm watching or reading material of this genre, I can't help but wonder how this will ever expand into the younger generation.

Mainstream youths have a near-zero attention span, and faith based movies, as they exist now could never hope to compete or even exist on the same realm as movies themed around comic book characters, space operas, vampires, zombies, or dystopian worlds, which American youths gobble-up.

Yes, being "over-sanitized" is definitely a problem, but so is predictability. No matter the structure of the piece, there can only be one outcome.

The genre has a hard time keeping itself above averageness, as it struggles to expand beyond the unpenetrable boundaries it has set upon itself, as well as fear of disapproval from the "old guard".

Sorry, this is all easy for me to say, because I have no answers, but it is obvious that Christians need to open our minds to this rapidly changing world or take a chance of fading through attrition.

Brilliant article, Tiffany!

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